I am efforting not to have a stroke.

Okay, this has just got to stop.

Twice now, I’ve heard reporters on CNN use effort as a verb, as in, “I’m efforting to find out, Wolf!”

No, darling. You are trying to find out. Or, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing,  perhaps you are making an effort to find out. But you are not, ever, under any circumstances, efforting.

5 thoughts on “I am efforting not to have a stroke.”

  1. If you’re nervous about clicking on the urbandictionary.com entry for efforting that Nate provided, here’s the text:


    A made up word used only by newscasters to show off that they’re doing the job they’re paid to do. A poor attempt to make the word ‘effort’ into a verb. To make it sound like something simple is tough to do, so they’re making extra effort. Often used as a stall when a report isn’t ready.

    We’re efforting to get that hurricane report from the beach ready for you.

    That’s exactly the quote that set me off!

  2. I’m coming late to the party on this post, but yes yes yes! Efforting must go. I first heard it on ESPN in baseball highlights, as in “Look at him efforting for that fly ball!” I still can’t believe it stuck, let alone spread.

  3. I didn’t think a worse term than, “adulting” existed. You have effortlessly introduced me to a term that is incredibly, unbelievably worse.

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