First Day of Chanukah

And here’s the Russell household’s gift to you.

Don and I love the NPR show WAIT, WAIT… DON’T TELL ME. We also enjoyed Animal Planet’s show Emergency Vets, which featured Kevin Fitzgerald, DVM.

For big laughs, click on this:

and scroll down to “Veterinarian Keven Fitzgerald plays ‘Not My Job.'”

Wait’ll you get to the part about the spider. We wept.

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  1. On a lark, I decided to Google you and found your blog. I read The Sparrow and Children of God while working in the back room of a Barnes & Noble and my manager (Not kidding, his name was Steven King) told me I just HAD to read it (after one of our many sci-fi discussions). It remains one of my favorite books ever. But I digress…

    So I’m reading your blog, looking for info about a possible movie of the Sparrow (oh, I hope I hope I hope), and come across this post. I love Wait Wait, and I went as far as to download the podcast of this episode on iTunes, which I treasure, just for Kevin Fitzgerald’s segment. I’ve heard it dozens of times, but the spider bit STILL makes me laugh! Thanks for posting this… I’m gonna have to dig it up again soon 🙂

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