Do any of you play the horses?

I have a question about hedging bets. Random House and a dozen or more friends have done a lot of editing and fact-checking for DOC, but I don’t think any of us actually plays the horses. So I’m not 100% certain that I got this right:

“We hedged our bets. Kate says they’ve been doing that on French racetracks for years. You take a hundred dollars and divide it. Say, twenty to win at long odds. Then make a couple of side bets, shorter: thirty to come in second or better, fifty to come in third or better. Unless the horse is out of the money, there’s a payoff. If he wins, you do real well.”

Did I screw that up? Please get in touch if you know — either tell me it’s right so I can relax about it, or correct it so I won’t look  like an idiot in print! Email me or leave a comment.

6 thoughts on “Do any of you play the horses?”

  1. Mary
    It’s possible to hedge your bets, but it does not guarantee winning. In this country it’s called betting across the board. A single bet(say 6$…covers, win, place and show with 2$ on each) Namaste’
    Bill D

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