Music in Doc

With Doc now into its second printing, it’s a good time to remind readers about the page on my website called MUSIC NOTES, which has links to all the music alluded to in each of my novels. Doc, for example, begins and ends with the Emperor Concerto; an interlude with Chopin forms the keystone of that arching structure.

Bach had fallen out of favor during John Henry Holliday’s lifetime, but I often watched this recording of Glenn Gould playing Keyboard Concerto No. 1 in D minor to get a sense of the precision and concentration I wanted to convey when describing Doc at the keyboard.

I make no claim that John Henry Holliday played at this level: he was good, but not that good. There is, however, an striking physical resemblance between the young Glenn Gould and Doc Holliday. Take a look at the photos available on my website — click BOOKS, DOC, and then Historical Characters to see them.



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  1. nice.. I enjoy piano music so much. I took a few lessons.. but Ricci my daughter can paly better. She took two years of lessons.

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