Crass, self-serving commercialism!

Just wanted to let you know that you can now order signed copies of my novels from Mac’s Backs – Books on Coventry. Either click on that link or use the ORDER A COPY drop-down menu on any of the book pages within my website. If you want more than a signature, let the store know how you’d like me to personalize the book; I’ll get over there as soon as possible so Suzanne can get it into the mail for you. She still has hardcover copies of Doc  (Fathers Day is coming!) but the hardcover is an endangered species now, so order soon.

And as long as I’m being crass…

When you enjoy one of my blog essays (clearly not THIS boring-ass thing, but one of the funny ones, maybe), I’d take it as a personal favor it you’d push it toward anyone else you think might appreciate my work. Yes, it’s true: authors’ blogs are often only thinly disguised infomercials for our books. I will also confess that I started blogging and tweeting and joined Facebook only because my literary agency insisted that those are all necessary forms of publicizing books these days.

Initially, I only saw the downside of the activity. Instead of immersing myself in the world I was trying to build fictionally, I expected to be distracted by blogging, and that my energy would be squandered on tweets. What I didn’t anticipate was how supportive and helpful and funny and interesting your responses would be.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to those of you who’ve signed up for the blog or liked the Facebook page or who follow me on Twitter. You’ve commiserated with us on the death of our dog, and made me feel more noble than idiotic for saying “No” to Hollywood. You’ve helped with my research by describing your personal experiences  from childhood piano lessons to vertebral collapse. When my brother was so sick back in August, I was alone in Phoenix but you were there electronically, bucking me up. And, together, we have donated enough money to the Doc Holliday Memorial Fund at Smile Train to provide 58 cleft palate and cleft lip surgeries.

Thanks. You guys are great.




5 thoughts on “Crass, self-serving commercialism!”

  1. Hmmm. I’ve made it a personal crusade to make sure that everyone I know loves your books as much as I do, or at least has had a chance to read one of them, or at a minimum has listened to me rhapsodize more than once over more than one, or at least once over one…..

    I could go out and meet some new people, I guess. Anything to support the stories that I love, and keep them coming!

    I actually should buy signed copies for my own little library, so that when I want to re-read something, it’s there! Right now it goes like this: Buy the book, read it, lend it, get it back, lend it again, and then buy it again when I want to read it.

    I end up buying a lot of extra books, but the friendship dividend is beyond price.



  2. Hi, Mary!
    It is a HUGE PLEASURE to promote you – after all, you ARE my all-time favorite author! I just started rereading “The Sparrow” and am falling in love all over again with it and with your writing!! I will steal part of one of your lines – the one that explains why Emilio was so taken with Latin…”for the sheer pleasure of reading beautifully structured prose.” THAT is why I love YOUR books!!! 🙂
    So onward we go, trying to get other people to read the books, knowing that they will not be able to resist them! 🙂
    And though I resisted the social media for some time as well, it really CAN be great support and you can meet so many interesting people! That being said, I still value good old-fashioned ways of doing things, like sending letters and cards through the mail! (And that is a crass, self-serving way of saying I value MY job working for the US Postal Service!)
    God bless you, Mary!! We love you!!!
    Elaine P.

  3. Almost immediately prior to reading this entry, I shared your previous entry with a friend. We both loved the hell out of “The Sparrow” and occasionally revisit it in conversation. I am one of those readers who circles back and rereads it every few years. I don’t do that for many books!

    Consider yourself followed, forwarded and otherwise commercialized in my albeit very small sphere of influence.

  4. When I read The Sparrow (on my Kindle) I loved it so much I immediately ordered a printed copy so I could lend it out and then had to wait patiently while it arrived. (I live in Chile.) I’ve just finished The Children of God and find I’ll have to to a repeat performance. And the fact I have A Thread of Grace waiting for me (yet again on my Kindle – you’d think I’d have learned by now, but … no!) just plain gives me the warm fuzzies. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for adding such wonderful people to my inner world.

  5. We live in a tiny cabin, and keep only an extremely select list of our absolutely favorite books. Now some of our older field guides are going to the library booksale–we MUST make room for our new MDRussell finds.
    My blog is mostly a place for me to record writing lessons absorbed from my reading. You are a fine teacher, and your books a fabulous school. Thank you so much! Can’t wait to read more.

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