Annie Fanny Sweet Feet, 2001-2016

Two weeks ago, kidney failure finally caught up with Annie. She was my constant companion for 12 of her 15 years, on my lap as we watched my mother die, at my side while I wrote A Thread of Grace, Dreamers of the Day, Doc and Epitaph.  I still can’t write about her without my throat closing up and my eyes welling, so I will simply say that she was a wonderful ambassador for both rescue groups and her breed. This morning, Don and I applied for Zoey and Bryant at Dachshund Rescue of Ohio. They’re a bonded pair, both 2 years old, 12 pounds a piece.




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  1. Mary, so sorry to hear about the loss of your charming companion, Annie. Losing a pet is one of the hardest things!

    I wish you every success with Zoey and Bryant, and many, many happy years together.


  2. My sympathies on the loss of your sweet friend. We recently lost Nestle, an elderly Doxie who filled my heart similarly. They wiggle their long, little bodies right into our hearts. I found comfort in ghosting her autobiography for myself and the grandchildren. Getting the newest pair will surely help heal the hurt.

  3. So sorry, I lost my best friend “Dutchess” to kidney failure many years ago and still miss her. ?

  4. I am so sorry, Mary! I don’t have a dog anymore, in my “old age” (71), but my daughter has a blond cocker spaniel named Zoey whom I adore beyond words. Sadly they live in Florida and I am in Boston. She is my fifth granddaughter. All of this is to say, I really sympathize with your loss. I am afraid to have another dog as I love them too much. All the best, Sandy

  5. Please accept my condolences. I believe that the life cycle of a pet has a purpose. It helps the pets family learn how to deal with the loss of a loved one. Losing a dear friend, as you did, is every bit as traumatic as losing any other member of the family, only it is at a somewhat lower level. Children, especially, learn about the life cycle from the family pets. That being said, I wish you the best of luck in you efforts to adopt Zoey and Bryant. I hope that they become loving members of your family.

  6. Oh Mary, I’m so sorry. I know how you love your wonderful little friend. We never forget those we love and have loved. May you savor the beautiful memories.

  7. Annie first caught my eye when reading Dreamers, and I knew then that you belonged to a Dachshund, as they have a very distinct personality that is not common with Labs and Goldens. I kid with my husband of 54 years that we shall never need a life coach as long as we have a Dachshund to run our lives. Max and little Daisy are 13+ now, and they both have their health problems, so we simply don’t go anywhere that involves being away overnight. Max has survived two spinal surgeries and is still active. On his bad days we give him his pain meds and hope that will be enough. At some point we know that it won’t be enough, so we encourage him to walk as much as he is able and to enjoy everyday together. Losing a Dachshund is losing a part of yourself, and it honors the impact Annie has had to bring Zoey and Bryant into your life. They are fortunate dogs.

  8. I’m sorry, Mary. Our cat had kidney failure a couple of years ago, and we put off putting her to sleep in every way we could until I was convinced she was suffering. Putting her to sleep is that hardest thing I ever did. But getting a new cat a year later was exactly what I needed to stop crying.

  9. Just think of all of the pages these little guys will watch you write. Can’t wait for another Thread of Grace-like book! That is one of my all-time favorite books of all time and I read about 40 books a year!
    Have fun!

  10. So lucky to bond with a good beastie. Lucky for them, lucky for you. Hard, so very hard, to let go, say good-bye. I know only too well just how hard and unbearable. It sounds, though, as if you may soon have the perfect balm to help eventually soothe the heartbreak. And it sounds as if Zoey and Bryan are about to get very lucky, too.

  11. So sorry. It is hard to lose a beloved companion. Sometimes it is made more difficult when you have to make that decision and you just don’t want to be God in that situation. Hate to decide when alleviating pain is more merciful than continuing life

  12. So sorry for your loss! They are truly family and while you will never forget Annie, I’m sure Zoe and Bryant will keep things lively and bright! ??

  13. We are very sorry to hear about your loss. Until I read your comment about Dachshund Rescue, I thought about offering one from our impending litter by our reverse silver dollar dapple piebald, Hildegarde. (German dog: german name; Catholic dog: saint’s name.) Freulein Hildegard von Bingen. Our neighbors tell us how cute our two are. Maryann claims cuteness is their sole redeeming quality.

  14. Mary, my condolences for the loss of your precious Annie. Congrats on your pending adoption of Zooey and Bryant. Nothing like the pitter-patter and jangle of quadropeds with tags.


  15. Sincere condolences, Mary. I’ve been there, too. Glad you’re getting out and getting new dogs! They never fail to bring a smile to our faces!

  16. My sympathy to you for the loss of your beloved pet. It’s so hard to loose these sweet creatures, they are truly family members. Thank you for adopting rescues. All of our dogs have been rescues and they’ve been wonderful.

  17. Oh, I am so sorry. Losing a dachshund is so very difficult. But Bravo! to you for jumping right back in. Wishing you wonderful times with Zoey and Bryant!

  18. So sorry. I still miss every pet-friend-companion that we’ve ever had. They’ve all been so special in their own unique ways.

  19. Hi Mary-
    So sorry for your loss. I raised a pair of cockers from weeks old until they died, and it can be almost as gut-wrenching as losing a spouse. Almost. Good luck with the Dachs!

  20. We love our dog who has been our compagnian for over 9 years, and we understand your loss. Our sincerest condolences. Alex and Jean Kyman

  21. My dear Mary, I share your grief and my heart flies to you. Having lost three of our five “children” in less than two years and the last two of that part of our family aging before our eyes, I can only, and very regretfully tell you that it won’t get better any time soon. I sincerely hope your soon to be four legged therapy will be as much a blessing for you and yours, as you and yours will be for them! I am so sorry for your great loss, but adopting a rescue or two is a good start on recovery! (We did that once, went clear over the border into Pa. and came away with a pair of siblings. We called it our “what were we thinking day.”) having them together, brother and sister, was a gift. Their never ending devotion to each other was something indescribable. It truly was a gift. And now you will share that gift. There is so much the human race could learn if only they could not only look, but See as well.

  22. Oh, I am so sorry about the loss of your adorable dog. When I recommend “Dreamers of the Day” to friends, I always mention that a dachshund figures prominently in the story.
    It’s heartbreaking to lose an animal companion. People will say, “Well, she had a wonderful life and knew she was loved.” True, but it still hurts.

  23. I’m very sorry for your loss MDR. I lost my red cattle-dog 6 years ago and have been alone since then, but just today I saw a poster in the local grocery store looking for a new owner for a 3yo female Jack Russell terrier. I rang the number and she’s being delivered Thursday. I’ve always said if I ever became a dog’s human again she would be a Jack Russell, someone compact enough to fit on the back of my motorbike, but I hadn’t done anything about making it happen until now – an hour before I read what you wrote about Annie. ‘just thought I’d let you know, hope you’re going to be OK.

    PS ‘currently reading “Thread Of Grace”.

  24. Mary, I’m so very sorry to learn of your loss. People who don’t have animal companions in their lives sometimes just don’t get how the connection goes right to the bone. We who do are hurting right alongside you.

  25. Heartfelt thoughts are with you from a fan. My little studio pal “Meatball” a toy Dachshund, is with me every day. I love all dogs and have lost many over the years. It gets better.

    “God only lends us his dogs… So run along now, dear one,
    your master calls.”

    Love your stories.

  26. Mary. . .having “been there”, once upon a time, with my BraveHeart, I can say “I know”. . .to some extent what it is you may be feeling; I also know that the good feelings/memories will remain with you. . .forever.

    Blessings! Larry

  27. Hi Mary, Yes, yes, it’s the deal we make when bring an animal into our home and life, to be there for their full life and to remember them into the future. You’re now giving two more rescues a great home, just the legacy Annie would want to leave.
    “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”
    —Groucho Marx (comedian)

  28. Hi Mary,

    I’m so sorry to hear you have lost your little companion. Adopted dogs always seem to bring with them an extra helping of affection. I hope you and Don have great adventures and quiet good times with Zoey and Bryant.

  29. So sad you lost your dear companion. You must let her go knowing she is in a good place where there is no pain. She will be with you in spirit as you continue your journey. Our animals are family members who help to ease our pain. We readers await your next literary work that will bring us to new adventures and ideas. Sleep deeply, Annie.

  30. Mary I am so sorry for your loss — Annie was a wonderful loyal buddy sitting with you all those years. Animal energy is important for many, especially for a writer who spends thousands of days working at home — at a desktop — away from the outside world. (Well you did take Annie outside, of course 🙂 With Annie, though, you were never alone at the keyboard, there was her presence (or presents — her gift of being there supporting you.)
    Bravo on your many great books. Thank you for giving them to us out here. I do hope you take a break from your writing and relax — and just feel good about your body of work.
    Good luck with the new dogs!

  31. Oh, Mary! I am SO sorry for your loss! Sending love and prayers your way…that you may be comforted and that you are successful in your bid to adopt two new family members. God bless you…

  32. Even your obituary writing is masterful — and so moving. May sweet memories lead you through. (Love the photo.)

  33. I am so sorry you lost Annie Fanny Sweet Feet. I grew up with long haired dachshunds and they are the best. Know that she is on your lap in spirit and love. In the meantime, thank you for rescuing another pair. May they bring you as much joy as Annie Fanny Sweet Feet did, and as much happiness as your books give us…your avid fans!

  34. Sorry that I am just seeing this, Mary. I know how much fur persons become a part of one’s life.

    May the force be with Annie…wherever she’s running around.

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