New Year, new book!

It’s official. Women of the Copper Country will be out on August 6, 2019. Here’s a link to the Simon & Schuster page with a short description and a picture of the cover art.

The online catalog has a set of BUY NOW buttons and I will shamelessly urge you to pre-order as soon as possible. The more “sell-through” there is at this stage, the more likely it is that S&S will send me out on a book tour. Please consider ordering through IndieBound link, which will send you to independent bookstores in your area, many of which will mail books to you.

If, however, you would like to reserve a signed, first edition of the book, you can order one through Mac’s Backs/Books on Coventry in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. When Suzanne gets the first box of Copper Country into stock in late July, she will bring them to me for signatures and/or personalizing, and then send them to you right away.

All of my books are available for signing through Mac’s Backs. The back list is always available here. If you want more than a simple signature, leave a note in the COMMENTS box on the order form.

Happy New Year! I myself am feeling rather more optimistic about current events than I have for the past two years…

15 thoughts on “New Year, new book!”

  1. Happy New Year, and happy news! I’ve ordered through Mac’s and am very excited to devour the latest from my favorite author.

  2. WWWHHHAAAHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! This is the BEST news for the New Year!!!!! SO HAPPY for you – and US!!!!!! I hope this year is overflowing with blessings for you and yours, Mary! And I am headed to Mac’s Backs right now for a copy!!!! God bless you!!!

  3. Wow! A new book AND an Indi bookstore I had no idea was so close! win/win.
    Congratulations, Mary. Their blurb a out you was quite lovely.

  4. Wow! A new book AND an Indi bookstore I had no idea was so close! win/win.
    Congratulations, Mary. Their blurb about you was lovely.

  5. Sounds awesome!! I can’t wait to read it! I live in Michigan so it’ll be interesting to learn some history about my home state. 🙂

  6. If you put zip code “44118” into the box on IndieBound, it will call up Mac’s Backs. Win-win!

  7. Sounds like a good read..I grew up in Western Ky coal mining country..Most men worked in the mines..When my dad was 24 he was injured in a mining accident..and lost his sight..He survived WW 2..and a Navy ship that was sunken by the enemy..He swam for his life through burning debri…4 years later..blinded in a mining accident. They got a lump sum of 5000 $ as a settlement..It was used to pay of the small home they were in the process of building..Sad time..

  8. I can’t wait to hold this book in my hands and read the final version. The cover looks beautiful. Thank you, Mary, for your amazing writing, and your courage and tenacity in getting this important story published.

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