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If you have access to Ancestry.com or enjoy digging around in census records, etc., I could use more information about John H. Flood, Jr.

Mr. Flood served as private secretary to Wyatt and Josie Earp in Los Angeles between 1911 and 1944. During those years, he became something like a son to the Earps, who relied on him for financial and legal advice. In the absence of facts, I will feel free to make stuff up but I’d like to honor Mr. Flood’s many years of devotion by recognizing it in the final chapter of Epitaph. Here’s all I know:

John H. Flood, Jr. died at 77 on March 29, 1955 in Germantown PA, which is said to have been “his home town.” That makes his birth year about 1878.

He may have been an orphan: the phrase used is “he had no family,” but that might mean “he never married.” In 1952, he described himself as “a bachelor living in a small cottage in the rear of 2020 Fourth Avenue in Los Angeles.” So he went back to Germantown sometime at the very end of his life.

He was “educated at Bucknell and Yale,” as “an engineer.” I’d love to know what kind of engineer he was, and maybe where he worked in LA.

If you dig something up, please send it to marydoriarussell@gmail.com and I’ll give you credit in the Acknowledgments under the category “Genealogical research.” Thanks!


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  1. I am sure you already have this information but here goes:


    Describes Mr. Flood as a mining engineer.

    Another link:
    Describes Flood’s manuscript

    I am sure you have these links or sources, Kansas State Historical Society might be helpful too. They have a website:http://www.kshs.org/

    Not sure I helped at all. I am working on a novel myself. I am also a college professor and librarian and even I have a tough time with information on famous people and those they worked with! Good Luck! Ellen 🙂

  2. Thanks, Ellen — yes, I have those sources but was more interested in Mr. Flood’s personal life. Amy Cooke has run down some of what I wanted and is digging further.

  3. I browsed for a while and sent you an e-mail with what I found. No details on what degree(s) he obtained in college or where he worked as a mining engineer… one story about how Flood first met Earp… an allusion to mining in the Mojave Desert.

    Also: One site claimed that *everyone knew he was gay.*

    Good luck… I bet others will find useful tidbits for you.

  4. Sent you some raw results from a quick Ancestry search, including mother’s maiden name and names of those he lived with in the 20s, 30s, 40s from census data. One name stands out over the decades which may indicate that he had a longtime male companion.

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