6 thoughts on “Kindle deal for A Thread of Grace”

  1. I think I reversed the words , saying a Grace of Thread in my previous comment. This pandemic is rotting my brain….sorry about that. I am a big fan of all things Mary Doria Russell. Excited to add A Thread of Grace to my Kindle Library to read again. Sandy

  2. Just read it! It’s wonderful as a read, as a technical explication of how the field of forensic bio-archaeology works, and is guaranteed to make you VERY glad you don’t have COPD! As always, Mary tells her stories straight from the shoulder, engaging you completely from the very beginning.
    To paraphrase Abbie Hoffman, “Read this book!”

  3. I so love that book. It’s so complex, and rich and kind. I was fortunate enough to buy a Used copy on cd from Amazon. Cassandra Campbell does a great job narrating your book. Hoping that my library platform, Libby, will add it to their offerings. Thanks again for a most marvelous story.

  4. I am trying to get in contact with Mary regarding image use for a scholarly article. The “contact” link isn’t working on the site, and the email address I found came back undeliverable. Can someone give me current contact information?

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