So far, I’ve yet to be startled by anything in the leaks. In fact, my take on international politics is being validated.

Kim Jong Il is bat-shit crazy.

Angela Merkel is kind of boring.

Nobody likes Mr. Imadinnerjacket.

Vladimir Putin is hand-in-glove with the Russian kleptocracy.

Americans are in Pakistan and Yemen, calling in drone attacks on Al-Queda camps.

Afghani politicians are corrupt.

If any of that surprises you, you’ll be amazed to learn that

people in Cleveland don’t like Lebron James anymore;

Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds did take steroids, as did about 85% of all major league baseball players in the 1990s;

Hollywood is about to release a bunch of comic book hero movie sequels and they probably will suck;

the Cubs are unlikely to win the World Series. Ever.

Remember: you heard it here first!