Bring Mary Doria Russell to your town!

A note from Mary’s booking agent:

Recently a reader in Alaska asked if Mary had had any plans to come to north. I recommended that the reader contact her local Friends of the Library to ask if they had a budget for author visits. She did, and word got around in the Alaska library community. The result was a mini-tour of Alaska with events in Juneau, Anchorage and Ketchikan – all because a reader asked!

Mary has been the featured speaker for events at libraries, volunteer organizations, colleges and universities in over 100 cities, sponsored by groups ranging from the American Library Association to the Virginia Military Institute. Her talks have included:

  • What Went Right In Italy: Jewish Survival in Nazi-occupied Italy
  • The History Behind the Story, for each novel
  • Telescopes and Prayer, or why “Jesuits in space” is not as stupid as it sounds!
  • Confessions of a Book Junkie: how librarians ruined my life
  • Acting on Faith: in celebration of volunteer work
  • Choosing a Major: make your parents really nervous and achieve happiness
  • Writing Workshop talks on research for historical novels
  • focused events covering the book of your choice.

If this is something you’d like to do, it might only take a few phone calls to get the ball rolling on your end, and we can guide you through the process. Contact us at


12 thoughts on “Bring Mary Doria Russell to your town!”

  1. We’d love to hear Mary in the Valley of the Sun. Many of us in Arizona have enjoyed DOC and several of her other books and we look forward to EPITAPH. We have a vigorous society of four chapters which meet four times each winter, each time within a single week…. our local one is the PINNACLE PEAK PROLOGUE AND LITERARY SOCIETY, and our local contact person is ANITA at Northern Trust:

    I’ve already forwarded this notice to Anita, and I hope she will be in touch with you.


  2. The Friends of the Amherst Public Library, Amherst, Ohio, host an annual Author’s Luncheon.
    There are usually about 175attendees.
    Could you please give us an estimate of Mary’s speaking fee would be?
    Our speakers usually talk for about 45 minutes, with Questions to follow.
    Also included are book sales and signing.
    Thank you.
    Maureen Dix, Secretary

  3. Ok MDR. You know me from all of my posts. You do come to Seattle, but I’m going to throw out a challenge, of sorts. How would you like to come to dinner at my house, amongst several of your readers? I live 40 miles north of Seattle in horse country. We have several folks who ADORE your work. I’m a great cook, and we’d pick you up (bring your sweet pup, and of course the husband); we will give you an opportunity to see our Paradise (I would attach pics, but how?), walk, see, enjoy the sunsets, take in wonderful music, and only talk to as many folks as you wish-or none at all.

  4. We would love for you to come to Atlanta! In particular, Eagle Eye Books in Decatur, GA. Here’s the link: Their contact info is: 404.486.0307 and email is; This is a great book store that has had many authors come to visit and give talks.
    I am a huge fan of Doc and Epitath and writing historical fiction. Yes, we have the Decatur Book festival but it is often crowded and lacks the intimate book independent book store meet and greet! Please come see us in Atlanta. I am from western South Dakota and we get so few western theme writers here. So I am kind of home sick for western writers and topics! 🙂 Thank you! Ellen Barrow, Avid Reader and Fan and also: Academic Librarian, Perimeter College Georgia State University Clarkston Campus

  5. Pamela Small, I’m not sure you’ll get a notice of this reply. I’ll be in Bellingham, WA in November. Check the Events calendar!

  6. Thanks for the idea but the initiative has to come from their end. Bookstores usually team up with a local Friends of the Library or with college or university. They do that if three or more customers nag them!

  7. Hi Mary,
    BARN Writing Studio is one of eleven studios in the Bainbridge Island Artisan Network, and we actively work to provide outstanding resources for our writing community. (We recently merged with Field’s End, the writing community started by David Guterson). We see that you are in Bellingham in November and wondered if you would consider coming to Bainbridge after your stop there? We have Eagle Harbor Books here, and many other outstanding venues if you’re interested!

  8. Mary- I read The Sparrow during my senior capstone course in Philosophy/Religion in college. It was the first time I’d been presented with a fully human image of a clergy person. Fast forward 11 years later and I’m introducing it to the congregation I serve as minister for their reading group. We’re in Dahlonega, GA and I’d love to work with some local libraries to see if we could finagle a visit with you. Are you ever down south?

  9. We’d love to have Mary visit the Kiel Public Library in Kiel, Wisconsin. The Sparrow and Doc are some of the favorites with our local book club. And we are so looking forward to The Women of the Copper Country! Our Friends group stands ready to help with any costs. Wisconsin is a lovely state to visit!

    Julia Davis, director
    Kiel Public Library

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