5 thoughts on “EPITAPH pub date: March 3, 2015!”

  1. YES!!! A date to look forward to! I’m even looking forward to pre-ordering it!! 🙂 Congratulations, Mary!!!!!

  2. ibid Elaine and enjoying the buildup process myself. Hope it’s at least tolerable for you Mary.

  3. I’m so excited. I only just finished _Doc_ and cannot wait for your next book, whatever form it takes. Every time I have finished one of your books for the first time, I go into mourning for a little while because I can’t spend all day with the characters anymore.

    This makes the wait easier, just knowing.

  4. I can hardly wait read and savor this book! I have read every book you have written, beginning with The Sparrow. My favorite book is always the one I am currently reading! I have recommended your books to more people than I can count. I shall eagerly wait the arrival of Epitaph on March 3, 2015. I truly hope you get a much pleasure from writing books as I get from reading your novels.

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