March 3 is the official publication date for Epitaph and that was an excuse to reorganize and redesign this website. I wanted something simplified, clean-looking, and easy to navigate. My web designer, Etsuko Dunham, delivered the organization; her artist, Jessica Sandy, came up with quirky, fun graphics. Many thanks to both of them!

The book tour for Epitaph begins on March 3, 2015. All the venues and dates are listed on the Events page.

The Novels page divides neatly into 19th Century, 20th Century, and 21st Century, with two books each. We have galleries of Historical Figures for all of the overtly historical novels. Since music often plays an important role in my stories, there is a separate Music page for each novel as well.

Miscellanea has the “Best of the Blog,” smaller scale writing, and audio interviews. For events planners, there’s a Media page with bios and photos to cut and paste for your event’s publicity.

Let me know if you discover any glitches or typos!