Epitaph Book Tour

Take a look at this schedule!  It’s going to be a marathon, but it’s a privilege and an honor when a publisher sends an author out on tour. HarperCollins/Ecco is putting some muscle behind Epitaph and I am eager to visit as many stores and book festivals as possible.

If your city isn’t on the schedule, you can still order signed and personalized copies of all my books from Mac’s Backs. If you’ve ordered Epitaph already, the book will ship on Monday, March 2. Owner Suzanne DeGaetano will continue to take orders for Epitaph while I’m away. I’ll get them signed when I get home and she’ll mail them to you ASAP.

Hoping to meet you in 3D! — Mary




2 thoughts on “Epitaph Book Tour”

  1. Love, LOVE, L O V E Ms Russell’s writings.
    Please send me any updates on lectures, events, and/or tours in her future schedule.
    Does she plan to visit FLORIDA or Virginia ?
    I realize 2020 is difficult due to COVID 19, but will she consider internet lectures ?
    Stay safe Ms Russell !
    Much admiration,
    Dr Kathleen Tylman

  2. Hi, Kathleen. No plans for any travel for the foreseeable future, but I’m starting to consider posting short videos about the books on YouTube. Still in the thinking stage, though!

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