Shameless request for support!

I’d appreciate it if you take the time to vote for Epitaph, which is one of thirty books up for the first annual Readers Choice Award from the Ohioana Library Association. There are no categories — fiction, nonfiction, childrens’ lit, etc. are all in a bunch. You can only vote once per computer and you can only click once before it tosses you off!  Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Shameless request for support!”

  1. Happily, enthusiastically voted for “Epitaph.” Really, though, there should be categories. I confess, I was charmed by the children’s book “Crow Made a Friend,” as I’m nuts about birds. And while “Circling the Sun” was well-written, I couldn’t finish it — too much upsetting stuff about big-game hunting.

  2. Voted “happily, enthusiastically”, as Arlene Roth says, as soon as you mentioned it on Facebook!

  3. You are so deserving! Glad to help. ????
    We all need “a little help from our friends”……..

  4. M. Russel is one of my All-time fave scribes. Go-Mary. What would I do without my weekly ration of your Word-Smithing? Re-reading well-loved volumes every year or so is a GREATPleasure! Also love listening as I knit sox for Wounded Warriors in the military. So fine to be able to multi-task and enjoy it so much!

    B. Johnston, Austin, Texas

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