The loss of a beloved pet is something so many people have experienced and still feel years later. No other post has gotten so much response. Thank you all.

I’m sorry to say that we’ve been turned down for Zoey and Bryant — the rescue group that works in Ohio is looking for a young active family for that pair, and we don’t fit that category any more. But the woman who fostered Annie Fannie saw our application and remembered our names because I’d sent her a copy of Dreamers of the Day to show how famous Annie had become.

Kathie is now actively looking for a good match for us. We’re hoping for a miniature dachsie (or two), a little smaller than Annie was: maybe 8-13 pounds. Sweet-tempered, and cuddly; house-trained is a plus. Adult, 3-8 is fine. Slight preference for a long hair, but short-haired would save $40 a month on grooming!

I still can’t talk or write about Annie without tearing up, so this is my eulogy: her passing was gentle and her memory is a blessing.