Jeremy Renner on the DOC/EPITAPH project

Jeremy Renner recently commented on playing Doc in the Palmstar Production based on my two novels, Doc and Epitaph.

“I’ve been looking at doing a Doc Holliday origin story as a series for Netflix or Amazon.” Although still in early stages, his focus for it seems intense and genuine, according to this Esquire article, and he’s mentioned the project in other interviews.

They’re seeing it as a limited series. “It will be one of those cable sort of situations, where you can binge watch 10-hours of it. That deep level of character-driven storytelling really interests me.”

More when I get additional details.


12 thoughts on “Jeremy Renner on the DOC/EPITAPH project”

  1. He can do sickly, at least. I remember when, in The Bourne Legacy, he was deprived of his tablets, and later when he was injected with the vaccine. Surely Doc never looked any worse than that even at the height of his consumption. All the same he’s not how I pictured Doc – too compact and chunky for mine.

  2. I like the way this is unfolding so far. A limited series has the best chance of doing the novels justice and I think Jeremy Renner is a good fit.

  3. Well, you can’t do much better than Jeremy Renner. I guess we’ll see. It’s always worrisome to think about a favorite book being hacked up on screen – gotta be worse if you’re the author!

  4. Jeremy Renner is a fine actor and I am sure he will act his way into being Doc ….I wasn’t confident about Johnnie Depp playing Johnnie Dillinger but was pleasantly surprised. It will be great to see this story at a leisurely pace…. I can’t wait.

  5. Is this still happening?! I sure hope so. Doc is by far my favorite enigmatic historical character and I look forward to seeing Mr. Renner’s portrayal of him. Though to be fair surpassing Val Kilmer’s performance would prove a challenge for any actor, it was simply that good.

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