The owner of my local bookstore, Mac’s Backs on Coventry, will be bringing books to be signed to my house soon — and we will, of course, keep proper social distance!

The store has hardcover copies of The Women of the Copper Country in stock and can still ship online orders in time for Mother’s Day. Copies of my other novels might need to be sent directly to you from the distributor, and that may take up to a week.

If you order something of mine that isn’t in stock, I will send you signed a signed bookplate if you ask in the COMMENTS section of your Mac’s Backs order form.

Just FYI: Amazon is making books a low priority these days, so there’s no guarantee you can get what you want in time for Mother’s day.

Which is another good reason to patronize your local independent bookstore! Here’s a link that will let you input your zipcode and find a store to patronize. Times are tough for everyone. My mantra these days is “Do what you can.” Stay home and stay safe!