Historical Figures in Dreamers of the Day

Gertrude Bell, ca. 1921

Gertrude Bell and T. E. Lawrence at the 1921 Cairo conference.

Gertrude Bell, on the left, with Lawrence in the civilian suit on the right, making himself as plain and brown as a wren.

Who are the people in the photograph on page 156?

Winston Churchill and his Forty Thieves. Churchill, fourth from the left, front row. Gertrude Bell, second from the left, second row up. T. E. Lawrence in the dark suit, fourth from the right, second row.
Note the lion cubs, bottom, left!

Lawrence during the war, dressed to kill.

Churchill in Palestine, 1921, with T. E. Lawrence, interpreter.

Winston and Clementine Churchill, ca. 1921

Painting was Churchill’s lifelong passion. Clementine looks on.

Churchill’s painting of the pyramids, referenced in Dreamers of the Day.

Marrakesh, painted in the 1930s. He got better, and a good frame helps.

Walter Thompson is in plain clothes, and to the left of Mr. and Mrs. Churchill, circa 1921.

Thompson, shortly after taking the job of protecting Winston Churchill. He remained at Churchill’s side for decades.